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Mandatory Kit 45km-30 km-15 km What is compulsory? your BIB a whistle a first aid kit an emergency blanket a mobile phone a water bottle or hydration bladder a raincoat or poncho.
The mandatory kit is compulsory for all categories...! 
The BIB number must be displayed and visible at all times on the front of the competitor’s vest during the event, failing upon which a participant will be disqualified or not even allowed to start. The whistle has to be attached to a lanyard and be easily reachable. It can be worn around the neck or attached to a waist belt or any other piece of clothing. The whistle cannot be placed inside the backpack.   The minimum content of your first aid kit should be: antiseptic cream or lotion, plasters (ordinary and butterfly), anti-histamine tablets. An emergency blanket can be a life saver in case of injury or hypothermia. Participants have to store the organisers’ emergency numbers in their phone before the race starts. Participants have to install a GPS location app in their phone. Participants are required to be self sufficient, with water stations set up to cater for re-filling of hydration packs or bottles along the entire race course. Participants are strongly advised not to drink any untreated water from the mountain streams. Recommended: Participants are advised to bring at least one sachet of hydration salts in their backpack. Participants are advised to bring ointments or sprays to relieve muscle cramps and pain. Participants are advised to bring insect repellent. For all your questions, please check out the FAQ web page. If you can’t find an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mandatory Kit

Participants who fail to have all mandatory items in their possession will not be allowed to start. A physical check will be performed before the start of the event. Participants will have to show the marshals the mandatory items in their backpack. At any time during the race, at any place on the trail, marshals have the right to check the mandatory items of the participants. Marshals are entitled to give a warning (Yellow Card) which will be registered. Any violation for any other upcoming event will lead to disqualification.
Mandatory Kit 5 km What is compulsory? your BIB a whistle a water bottle or hydration bladder a raincoat or poncho.